Meet Our Team

The TORmem team has extensive experience from across the data center landscape. Together, our founders have set out a vision for the company which is driven by solid engineering, attention to detail, and product-market fit to ensure that we can solve the challenges of disaggregating the memory architecture in the modern data center together, from enterprise to hyperscale.

Our Founders

Thao Nguyen – CEO

Thao brings a wealth of experience in hardware design and procurement, which has allowed the team to create and refine our vision to meet the needs of the biggest, most strenuous customers.

Equinix – Principal Hardware Engineer

Packet – VP Hardware Engineering – Distinguished Hardware Engineer

Facebook – Director of OCP – Hardware Engineer – MQE Pioneer

NetApp – Technical Staff – Compute and Storage Engineering

IBM – Product Engineering – VLSI Applications and Logic Design

Steven White – CTO

Steven’s expertise in hardware and systems engineering is well-regarded across the industry, and drives much of how our vision is implemented both at large production scale and in design detail.

Vapor IO – Co-founder and VP Hardware Engineering

Renasar Technologies – Co-founder and Hardware Architect

Nebula – Principal Hardware Engineer/Hardware Architect

S-Squared Microsolutions – Co-founder and Electrical Engineer

Our Development Team

Andrew Hodges – Senior Software Engineer

Andrew has been developing high-quality software for over 15 years, with a well-renowed focus on performance and robustness in creating market-leading products and software services.

ngrok – Senior Software Engineer

AdRoll – Senior Software Engineer

Packet – Senior Software Engineer

Oracle – Member of Technical Staff

Our Executive Board Advisors

Timothy Lyons – Executive Board Advisor

Tim possesses deep experience in business and corporate development, emerging technology, partnerships, and strategy, having spent over 20 years helping the tech ecosystem innovate together.

Prudential – VP, Head of Emerging Technology

VMware – Industry Managing Director, Office of the CTO

Intralinks – SVP, Strategic Business Development

Merck – Executive Director, Digital Innovation and Outreach

Bank of America – SVP, Technology Innovation Portfolio

Morgan Stanley – Head of Technology Business Development

Don Duet – Executive Board Advisor

Don is currently co-founder and CEO at Concourse Labs, a leader in Enterprise Cloud Governance and Security as Code. Prior to Concourse, Don was a partner and the head of the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs where he spent over 28 years in various technology leadership roles. Don was a board member of the Open Compute Project from founding until 2017 and continues to provide senior level advisory to several Institutions focused on Education and Technology.

Our Philosophy

TORmem is composed of experienced engineers who have worked broadly across the data center industry for several decades, with skill sets that cover all of the bases needed to understand the market, identify the opportunities to meet the needs of that market, and to effectively create products required to address those same opportunities.

The team believes in operating as a small, focused team which is cost-effective, tightly aligned to a consistent shared product vision, and able to deliver to agreed deadlines. Team members will be chosen specifically for these key attributes, to make sure that we do not incur unnecessary costs, delays or complexity in meeting the market need.

Why Disaggregated Memory?

One memory for all. A single disaggregated bank of high-speed memory for the whole rack.

Our technology enables In-Memory Computing (IMC) at data center scale.

Optimize cost, accelerate current workloads, and enable new ones with us.